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Ayurvedic and KsharSutra Therapy Center founded by Dr. Raghubansh Singh
AnoRectal | Digestive & Gut | Arthritis | Sinusitis

Jraveda is an authentic Ayurvedic Piles, Fistula, and Fissure treatment center located in Indirapuram Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. Offers effective Piles, Fistula, and Fissure treatments with the supervision of a highly qualified doctor. Jraveda ayurvedic treatment center in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, is an authorized & certified ayurvedic healing and wellness clinic center with highly experienced physicians and therapists.

If you are looking for a clinic that offers quality ayurvedic treatment, Jraveda Ayurvedic Clinic is the right choice for you. This clinic is dedicated to providing quality ayurvedic care to its patients.
Jraveda Ayurvedic Clinic is a well-respected clinic that offers a variety of ayurvedic treatments. The clinic has a team of experienced ayurvedic practitioners who are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients.
The clinic offers a wide range of ayurvedic treatments ,including piles treatment, fistula treatment, Fissure treatment, and pilonidal sinus treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Piles Fistula, Fissure in Delhi NCR


We are superspecialized in Treating AnoRectal Diseases through Ayurveda and KsharSutra -
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Dr. Raghubansh Singh

MD (Ayurvedic Medicine), BAMS, PGDY, CKS
Senior Consultant Ayurveda
KsharSutra Therapy Expert

20 +

Years of Experience

40,000 +

Consultations done

6,000 +

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We are superspecialized in Treating AnoRectal Diseases through Ayurveda and KsharSutra -


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